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James G. Blaine

Named after a Presidential nominee, James G. Blaine is a corner room with a fireplace. The unique boxed headboard forms a sheltering alcove with reading lamps, and navy and maroon accents create a regal atmosphere. Distant water view from the crisp, blue-tiled bathroom.

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James G. Blaine

James G. Blaine (1830–1893), known either as the “Plumed Knight” or the “Continental Liar from Maine,” depending on your political affiliation, was a regular visitor to Bar Harbor. Blaine owned a fine mansion called Stanwood just to the north of Cleftstone on Highbrook Road.

Blaine was the most influential political figure in Maine from 1860 through 1890. During that time he was the head of the Maine Republican Party, served in the State Legislature, served six terms in the U.S. House of Representatives (with one term as speaker) and one term in the Senate.

Blaine sought the Presidency in 1876, 1880, and 1884. Failing the nomination the first two times due to charges of corruption, he was finally nominated in 1884. He went on to lose the election to Grover Cleveland again due to these allegations. President Harrison appointed him secretary of state in 1888, a role in which he aggressively pursued U.S. interests in Latin America and the Pacific.

During 1891, Blaine’s son Emmons rented Cleftstone for the season. At that time, James G. Blaine was the secretary of state and thought to be considering another attempt at the Presidency. There was however some question about his health. Secretary Blaine held a press conference in the sitting room of Cleftstone on July 21, 1891 to reassure the press that his health was acceptable.

Sadly, Emmons Blaine passed away the following June from a sudden and unknown stomach ailment. Secretary Blaine passed away in Washington in January 1893 at the age of 63, some 18 months after his press conference.

The James G. Blaine room was once part of the master bedroom suite added in 1903.

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