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Frank Ellis

A corner room with dormered windows, Frank Ellis has as much character as the man it was named for. A detailed antique wood headboard and fluffy comforter invite relaxation, while the deep red carpet and slanted ceilings add to the appeal of this room.

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Frank Ellis

Frank Ellis (?–1928) owned Cleftstone for 35 years from 1893 until 1928, the longest period of ownership in the history of the home.

Ellis was a resident of Cincinnati and visited Bar Harbor with his wife Laura starting in the late 1880s. For several years they rented a home for the season, trying a different cottage each season. In 1893 they purchased Cleftstone and had additional space added on. They arrived for their first season here in 1894.

The couple presented an interesting dichotomy. Laura was an active socialite, hosting and attending dinners, balls, and luncheons. She was active in the Kebo Valley Club and the Village Improvement Association. Frank, on the other hand, was rarely mentioned in the social columns, usually mentioned only as accompanying his wife.

Unfortunately we know very little about Mr. Ellis. He was one of a rather large contingent of Cincinnatians who summered in Bar Harbor, including George Bowler, Rufus King, A. Howard Hinkle, A. C. Barney, and William Cooper Proctor. We suspect that he was an attorney as his name included the title esquire in some documents, and we presume he was fairly wealthy. He and his wife were certainly supporters of President Taft, as they hosted a dinner for him on his 1910 visit to Bar Harbor.

In August of 1913 Laura divorced Frank. Although Frank continued to own Cleftstone, it was used mostly by his ex-wife. Upon his death in 1928, Cleftstone was bequeathed to his son Franklin Henry Ellis. Laura and her second husband, Gist Blair, immediately purchased the home from Franklin.

The Frank Ellis room is one of the third floor bedrooms added in the 1903 addition.

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