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Message from a guest

The Cleftstone Manor

As we drive up the entrance and spot our bed and breakfast for the first time we smile and can only imagine what awaits us as we enter the beautiful wooden entry door.

The manicured English gardens that encircle our abode remind me of a secret garden and the gentle ocean breeze is making all the flowers dance for our arrival.

The Cleftstone Manor is absolutely what my mind, body, and soul need right now. A picturesque setting and a turn of the century treasure that feed the senses.

Beautiful rooms abound throughout this charming home.

I spy pewter stuffed cabinets.

Amber crystal glasses glistening in the afternoon sunshine light up the formal living room as the fireplace stands naked because it is too warm to fire it up.

White wicker on the enclosed porch invites me to come, rock, sip a cup of lemonade and look at the greenery outside gently caressing the window panes.

A lace graced dining room table that can fit twenty Victorian dressed ladies including their bustles. I can only imagine their conversations as they sip elegant tea from their bone china cups.

Lingering house warming aromas from the kitchen fill the common rooms. The prep of hors d’oeuvres for wine and cheese at 5:00 is underway as I can smell the bacon sizzling.

Our room, so specious, is feminine and comfortable.

All our needs will be met here and then some.

This is the start of a wonderful three day adventure.

Thank you God for providing us with this well needed time and space and for our innkeepers that seem more like family at the end of our relaxing stay than the caretakers we initially met.

This is the place I hope to come back to year after year.

It is uncommon to find a spot on this earth that you feel so comfortable in.

Donna Heriot